Sachin B’s Top Business Tips

Oct 2010

Sachin B’s Top Business Tips

Tip 1 : “there is no value of emotion in business. Your emotion must only be incentive oriented and flippable !”
Tip 2 : “the width of a business rift is inversely proportional to the depth of mutual profits between two rivals”
Tip 3 : “intelligence is inversely proportional to your degree of belief in business speeches & vision statements”
Tip 4 : “to succeed as a leader, the only talent/skill required is a hypnotic charisma”
Tip 5 : “profit statements of an organization often reflect the consumption of anti-depressants and the amount of hair loss in its employees”

Tip 6 : “longetivity is the measure of your belief in an imaginary light at the end of a virtual tunnel”

Tip 7 : “evil drives real progress. The more the amount of evil in the system, the more people aspire to progress. Darth Vader was right !”

Tip 8 : “skill is not a measure of your true worth. Your ability to suck up to peers, bullies and superiors is what governs your worth”

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