When Jaws Tremble – An Ode to a Tandoori Roti


May 2017

When Jaws Tremble – An Ode to a Tandoori Roti

Many years ago, I was dining at a prolific restaurant in Chandigarh with a friend. We ordered a buffet meal for the lack of options...

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Nov 2010

Tranquility and Tempest

At peace with the tempest, at the far end of the roar, between the wrath of white, and the misty blue shore, the wanderer now..

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Jul 2010

3 Clicks from Sanity

Flashes of thought, sparks of lighta piercing vision in the dead of nightthe phantoms long lost seem up and closethe faintest shadow of an eternal..

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Oct 2009

In Pursuit of Glory – An Ode to a lone warrior

The winds have changed, the end is far,the lone road home seems lost to war,from the time he fell, and the spark they lost,millions perished,..

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