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I began dabbling with Computer Programming & Graphics at the age of 14 on a Sinclair Spectrum Home Computer using the BASIC language. At the end of the 90s, I was instrumental in crafting web-based solutions for corporates in North India, just fresh out of high school.  


In 2001, I ventured into Computer Graphics & Visual Effects training and production. From developing world-class curriculum to imparting training to over five thousand students in the classroom and over ten thousand online, I have been instrumental in fuelling innovation, creating brand identities and crafting world-class software solutions for corporate companies and individuals alike.  


I have also supervised award-winning animation and visual effects short films and have worked with one of India's topmost Media & Entertainment Education brands as a Vice President. My first love is coding and I strongly emphasize its importance to all students.  Consequently I worked as the resident subject matter expert and Program Director for full-stack programs at upGrad KnowledgeHut ( 


With a strong background in design and programming, I love writing about life, philosophy, a bit of poetry. My love for world cuisine is rather well known and I love writing about it.


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