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Learning never stops and it only matters more if you're willing to share and spread the light. I've always believed this mantra, right from that first day in 2002, when I instructed my first class on computer animation. Today, I share my knowledge with over 25000 students worldwide through my online courses on web and mobile tech. Join me and let's learn together!

The ChatBot BootCamp

Learn to build professional chatbots using Chatfuel

Chatbots allow you to automate marketing, customer support, sales and a lot more. This is why almost every major brand and enterprise are investing in Chatbots. This comprehensive course takes you from absolute scratch to building and deploying professional chatbots for Facebook Messenger using Chatfuel as the platform of choice. You will learn several advanced techniques such as writing your own webhooks & backends using Node.js and the Serverless framework for AWS Lambda. Build chatbots that can read and write to spreadsheets, display custom UIs and much more.

👉 Coming soon on Packt

Build Incredible Chatbots

The most comprehensive and complete chatbot developer course on the web

Chatbots can help people shop, order food, entertain, provide help, advice, information, support and more, through a simple chat interface. Imagine chatting with a friend on Facebook Messenger. No learning curve needed, no apps to install. In this course, we will go from zero to pro as we build multiple chatbots using a variety of techniques and platforms including Chatfuel, Wit and DialogFlow for Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack and even Whatsapp. We will explore chatbot platforms that do not require you to write code, and all the way to a code intensive chatbot that can be built for specialised scenarios. 

This is the most comprehensive and upto date Chatbots course out there!

Node.js Application Security

Secure and safeguard your applications from malicious attacks and vulnerabilities

As a Node.js developer, you’re entrusted to secure and safeguard your production apps against vulnerabilities and attacks that have the potential to bring down a business and cause irreparable damage. Businesses built in the cloud-native era should always strive to stay one step ahead of attackers who’re always on the lookout to inflict damage. It is time to get hands-on and make your application more secure!

This course will empower you to strengthen & safeguard your application against a host of attacks and vulnerabilities. 

Getting Started with Vue.js 2

Master Vue JS 2 by building real world web applications easily

Vue offers the best of Angular and React and features a component-based architecture that lets you break down your app or even an interface into manageable and scalable functional units.


Vue apps offer incredible performance that is neck to neck and even better than some of the leading web app frameworks in use today. Vue features a Virtual DOM that is lighter than the rest and delivers impeccable performance. 


This comprehensive and easy to understand course will take you through a ton of concepts from Vue basics to building sophisticated single page applications that use routing, third-party APIs, Google's Firebase and Authentication.

All About Node.js

Create & Deploy High Performance Node JS Apps on the Cloud and More !

Node.js powers some of the biggest businesses today and it's no surprise that more and more developers want to learn and embrace Node.js for building their next-gen apps and servers using JavaScript. 


In this comprehensive course, we'll take a practical hands-on approach to learn Node.js by building practical applications. You will learn about frameworks, templates, sessions, authentication, databases, packages & modules, uploading images, deployment on Heroku, Amazon EC2 instances, Digital Ocean, NGINX for reverse proxies and lots more.

Get Started with jQuery

Get your first hands-on experience with jQuery

jQuery is an extremely popular Javascript library that makes repetitive tasks such as element selection, DOM manipulation, effects and Ajax super easy. It is quite simply a web designer’s swiss army knife. jQuery is also extensible and has a massive community of plugin developers and users behind it who’ve created an ecosystem of amazing plugins and add-on modules. If you look around, you’ll find jQuery on virtually every popular website.

It’s fast, it cuts down your development time and it makes coding in JavaScript super fun. As a Web Designer / Developer, learning and knowing jQuery is highly recommended. So, hop right in as we hand-hold your first steps with jQuery!

Animate Your Site with jQuery

Go beyond the basics with jQuery in this advanced course

In this course, we’ll get started with jQuery animation and effects, create AJAX driven dynamic websites and then boost your know-how by taking your first steps creating jQuery plugins.


Patrick Catanzariti, a renowned JavaScript genius, has meticulously reviewed this course and definitely recommends it. We know you’re in good hands.

Node.js Design Patterns

Write efficient and resilient Node.js applications using industry-standard software design patterns

When writing Node.js applications, it’s absolutely imperative that we employ battle-tested guidelines that can help us write efficient and resilient code. These guidelines are known as design patterns. Design patterns are an important part of software development and are a proven way of solving a given problem.


In this course, you’ll take a comprehensive look at industry-standard design patterns, identify challenges that you would commonly encounter while designing and developing software, and implement solutions in Node.js applications. The efficacy of these patterns has been proven over time and a lot of these standard patterns can be implemented when writing JavaScript apps with Node.js.

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