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My New Home

Welcome to my new home. I was feeling psyched out living in the cramped confines of social networking sites or slums as I would call them. What else would you call a place where millions of oxygen breathing intelligent sentients spend a great deal of their lives searching for answers, questioning even more, arguing with people or laughing at a joke or sharing sentiments of social interest. A place where truth and fiction tread a common path with all lines blurred, where identities have no meaning with everyone trying to stick their neck out to project their dramatic unrealistic self in efforts to grab all but an ounce of limelight that does not exist..........

So, I've moved on into my own space where there's no suffocation, a place where I can be at peace with myself and talk about things which are important in my line of sight.....

I would like you to visit me as often as you can and feel at home as a guest here. Its a new beginning and I have lots to talk about but all in good time.....

Thanks, Sachin B

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