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Top Business Tips

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

  1. There is no value of emotion in business. Your emotion must only be incentive oriented and flippable !

  2. The width of a business rift is inversely proportional to the depth of mutual profits between two rivals.

  3. Intelligence is inversely proportional to your degree of belief in business speeches & vision statements.

  4. To succeed as a leader, the only talent/skill required is a hypnotic charisma.

  5. Profit statements of an organization often reflect the consumption of antidepressants and the amount of hair loss in its employees.

  6. Longevity is the measure of your belief in an imaginary light at the end of a virtual tunnel.

  7. Evil drives real progress. The more the amount of evil in the system, the more people aspire to progress. Darth Vader was right !

  8. Skill is not a measure of your true worth. Your ability to suck up to peers, bullies and superiors is what governs your worth"

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