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Vitamin ME !!

One of the things I like doing when I interact with people around me is spot interesting behavioural characteristics. As humans, we're born with a unique identity that sets each and every one of us apart and some of these unique characteristics are interesting enough to be observed, others are downright silly and funny.

For instance, some people, and these are very rare, have the ability to talk softly and slowly and without an ounce of ego or aggression. I think in today's impatient times, such people are truly gifted and have a rare amount of patience. I sadly do not fall in that category.

And then we have the ones who're downright silly and funny. These are the ones who do not stop harping about themselves and can begin at the drop of a hat. These have an overdose of 'Vitamin ME'. I really find such people silly, funny and downright stupid. There are people who meet you and after the customary Hello, jump right on to how impressive they were at the last meeting. And this goes on and on and on. It's good to share achievements and happy news and its quite the other to inject litres of 'ME', 'ME' and more 'ME'. I strongly believe in teamwork and how we all collectively contribute to an achievement. And in such an achievement, each and every one contributes in varying capacities. And they all must be credited as well in a giant 'WE' and not 'ME'. But these special ones only see themselves in the mirror, which is what makes the entire experience even more funny.

On a serious note, and on a psychological level, I believe such a behaviour stems from a subconscious feeling of insecurity which tends to inflate one's Ego, something which the person will never admit to, nor perhaps realize in day to day conversation. But this subconscious feeling makes one take on to visibly louder forms of seeking attention. There is an involuntary hope of a positive response from this rather nonsensical and coerced way of garnering appreciation from peers and friends. I've seen so many achievers and the ones who're really and honestly successful do not have an ounce of this characteristic, simply because they're not only successful as professionals and human beings but also possess a satisfied and calm subconscious state of mind, which is the real driver of their growth. Such people do not need to talk for hours about themselves to get someone's attention. Their work, position in society and achievements speak for their skill and success.

Overdoses of Vitamin ME are also observed in celebrity speakers, management gurus, religious evangelists and so on. But therein lies the difference. For a celebrity to harp about himself is infact a part of his profession and the better he does that, the better are his chances of progressing in his profession. So you have Suhel Seth, Shobha De and so on, who make frequent appearances on NDTV talking about everything from child labour to cricket controversies and pesticide levels in soft drinks. Quite frankly, they are good orators who make up for great entertainment and five minutes well spent in front of the television after which they're off to a wine tasting fundraiser for the benefit of alcoholics anonymous and you to your daily routine mundane life.

I vote for the real achievers who are to be found on the job and not in silly conversations about themselves or at public speaking conventions, seminars etc. Real achievers work behind the curtain and are not public figures.

So the next time someone sits by you and starts talking about how impressive they were the at the board meeting or how smart they were in clinching that great business deal, enjoy it thoroughly and ignore it as I do because there isn't an ounce of value in such a conversation other than the fact that it brings a smile to your face in a rather silly way.

Success visibly radiates from your achievements and if it doesn't, no amount of Vitamin ME will help you.

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