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Standing Tall

The wisp of yesterday went like a whim,

And morning brought despair,

For the freedom that felt so close, so dear,

Became endearing, distant & rare.

It came from a bat and broke our back,

and pushed us into a cave of fear.

We found ourselves on the battlefield,

with shields, masks and uncertainty in the air.

But life isn’t fragile and dim,

it can flicker and flutter,

to come back and win.

We huddled in our caves, wary of the hell,

locked and down, within our shell.

The crowning glory in this grim light,

is that the human in our spirit,

came out to fight.

They wore white and blue,

and khakis through and through,

with wisdom and medicine,

they brought us through.

O what a mighty species we can be,

if only we bind ourselves into eternal beings.

For storms will come and castles will fall,

but the human in us shall always stand tall.

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1 Comment

Tarun Saini
Tarun Saini
Jul 27, 2021

Nice article. Thank you for sharing.

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