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Flashes of thought, sparks of light a piercing vision in the dead of night the phantoms long lost seem up and close the faintest shadow of an eternal glow.

My mind drifts through chaos in peace like a clear blue sky in sudden retreat And in the cavernous depths of the mirror twas a faint trickle from an illuminous vase.

And up it went in a flashing roar the smoke trembled, the mirror broke for it was time to get out of the maze and set the phantoms of the mind ablaze.

The sun had now risen in all its vanity, the darkness had vanished, in the shadows of reality but the trip down the lane twists and turns and it'll be back as the sun goes back, into the urn.

And I'll be waiting beyond the reach of humanity for i've been there,

At 3 Clicks from Sanity.........

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